ISCoS Education Committee – Annual Review 2017 : Continues to be heavily used and we currently have over 35,000 registered users representing over 200 countries around the world. The site had 20,000 unique visitors in the past year.  Since launch the site has been visited 250,000 times with 75,000 of these unique visitors.  Throughout 2017 work has been ongoing to increase the utilisation and global coverage of this educational resource. The Spanish and Portuguese translations have now been fully translated and are  live. Work is ongoing to finalise in 2018 the Mandarin, French, Arabic, Mongolian and German translations of the resource.


We extend our sincere thanks to the many individuals who are giving of their time to complete this work. Also thanks to ISCoS affiliate societies such as AFIGAP, SLAP and DMGP who through their societies and members are supporting the translation process.


ISCoS Education Committee – SCI workshops


Over the past year the Education Committee members have supported the design and delivery of a range of nationally and regionally significant SCI workshops. These workshops are helping to spread SCO education globally and to promote good practice in comprehensive SCI management. Workshops included


  • Guatemala City. An SCI workshop was organized in conjunction with SLAP and AMLAR in Nov 2016. The Spanish Translation of was promoted and used through out the workshop


  • In March 2017 representatives from 14 countries gathered in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania for the second conference of the Africa Spinal Cord Injury Network (AFSCIN). The meeting incorporated discipline specific workshops for doctors, nurses, therapists and consumers.


  • In October 2017 ISCoS in collaboration with WHO and Ministry of Health in Mongolia supported and organised an SCI seminar/workshop in Ulan Batar. Health professionals involved in the management of people with SCI at both a tertiary/secondary level participated.


  • A number of pre conference SCI workshops where organised during the Jordanian and Pan Arab Congress on Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine held in October 2017.  During the conference itself workshops where organised for junior rehabilitation specialists and residents on the clinical aspects of SCI evaluation. 


  • The 16th ASCoN Conference took place from 7 – 10 Dec in Chiang Mai, Thailand, with 7 pre-conference and 2 post-conference workshops. 220 participants from 23 countries attended.  The theme was “sharing and learning for enhancing comprehensive management of SCI.


Education Committee members continue to provide online mentorship, teaching, educational resources/links information and guidance to colleagues in different parts of the world. This is mainly as a follow on from connections made during the various conferences and workshops. With advances in online communication systems this is proving to be an efficient and cost effective means of educational support and follow up.


As one year closes and a new one begins the ISCoS Education Committee will continue our efforts, in partnership with others, to increase the quality and coverage of SCI education and capacity development support globally. A big thanks to the members of the education committee who continue to provide their time and expertise.  Special thanks to our former Chair person Lisa Harvey who worked tirelessly in her 5 years as Chair and who has helped make quality SCI education accessible to many more people around the world.

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