The Hans Frankel Awards from the 2020 ISCoS Annual Scientific Meeting





Mr Gabriel Dix, Canada:

The effects of a high-fat/high-carbohydrate meal on leukocyte populations in adults with chronic spinal cord injury

Jackson G, Todd K, van der Scheer J, Walsh J, Martin Ginis K.A, Little J


Dr Rachel Kim, USA:

Spinal cord injury-movement index (SCI-MI) fine motor item pool: Development and preliminary validation

Nicole Gerhardt, MS, OTR/L, Madelyn Adams, OTD Candidate, Bernadette Alpajora, OTD Candidate, Taylor T. Sivori, OTD Candidate, and MJ Mulcahey, PhD, OTR/L, FASIA


Mr Yuki Suzuki, Japan:

Development of high-throughput assay to screen potential drugs to protect blood-spinal cord barrier identifies berberine as neuroprotection drug for spinal cord injury

Kadoya K, Endo T, Matsui Y, Rufei Y, Asano T, Maenaka K, Nakagawa S, Iwasaki N



Dr Satoshi Maki, Japan:

A deep convolutional neural network with performance comparable to radiologists for differentiating between spinal schwannoma and meningioma

Takeo Furuya, MD, PhD, Takuro Horikoshi, MD, PhD, Hajime Yokota, MD, PhD, Takuya Miyamoto, MD, Sho Okimatsu, MD, Yasuhiro Shiga, MD, PhD, Kazuhide Inage, MD, PhD, Sumihisa Orita, MD, PhD, Yawara Eguchi MD, PhD, Seiji Ohtori, MD, PhD


Mr Florian Möller, Germany:

Life satisfaction with SCI extrinsic and intrinsic covariates

Rupp R, Weidner N, Kalke Y-B, Gutenbrunner C, Abel F. R


Dr Sintip Pattanakuhar, Thailand:

The influencing factors of sleep problems in people with spinal cord injury: analysis of the data from the international spinal cord injury ( InSCI ) community survey in Thailand

Apichana Kovindha, Pratchayapon Kammuang-lue, Siam Tongprasert, Napasakorn Komaratat, Rungarun Mahachai and Chayaporn Chotiyarnwong



Dr Mohit Arora, Australia:

Health maintenance tool for people with spinal cord injury : A tool for consumers from consumers

McCormick M, O’Leary D, Rowe S, Jerram AS, Weber G & Middleton JW


Dr Femke Hoeskstra, Netherlands:

A 5-step knowledge translation approach to disseminate the international scientific spinal cord injury exercise guidelines to community and clinical settings

McBride CB, Borisoff J, Fetterly MJ, Ginis S, Latimer Cheung AE, Ma JK, Maffin J, Mah L , West C, Willms R, Martin Ginis KA


Dr Sophie Jorgensen, Sweden:

Health-related quality of life among older adults aging with long-term spinal cord injury

Maria Valentina Costa Andersson, BSc, Jan Lexell, MD, PhD, DPhil h.c.

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