44th Annual Scientific Meeting
4th - 8th October 2005

Munich and Murnau, Germany

  Topic 1: Infection and Isolation in SCI
Chair: Kurt Naber, William Donovan
1/1 Spinal cord injury induced immune depression syndrome (SCIIDS)
Jan M. Schwab, Tino Riegger, Sabine Conrad, Hermann J. Schluesener, Hans-Peter Kaps, Andreas Badke, Christopher Baron, Jutta Gerstein, Klaus Dietz, Mahdi Abdizahdeh, Hans-Peter Kaps
2/1 The frequency of bacteriuria and urinary tract infection in 249 spinal cord injured
Karin Pettersson1, Olof Jonsson1, Ingela Berrum-Svennung1, Peter Asplund2, Ann-Katrin Karlsson1
3/1 An Outbreak of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus (MRSA) in a Spinal Cord Unit
V. Geng, B.Klesse, M. Baumberger
4/1 Anterior decompression and tricortical iliac bone grafting for tuberculosis of spine
Fazlul Hoque, Atiar Rahman, Umme Kulsum
5/1 Results of decompression & spinal stabilization by bone graft along with instrumentations in Pott’s paraplegia
Md.Shah Alam
6/1 Amyloidosis Revisited. A Sequale of Chronic Infection in Adult SCI-Patients
B. Singhal, A. Graham
  Topic 2: Prognostication of Physical Outcome
Chair: Gordana Savic, John Ditunno
7/2 Neurologic Outcome in surgically treated patients with incomplete closed traumatic cervical spinal cord injuries
B. Singhal, A. Mohammed, P. Kluger
8/2 Late Onset of Innervated Zones in Complete Spinal Cord Injury:
When Zone of Partial Preservation? When Zone of Partial Recovery? A Preliminary Report
H Unalan, M Uludag, M Akyüz, B Erhan, SS Karamehmetoglu, A Dinç, J Majlesi, S Gündüz
9/2 Functional independence among young adults with spina bifida, in relation to hydrocephalus and level of lesion
F.W.A. van Asbeck, M. Verhoef, R.H.J.M. Gooskens, M.W.M. Post
10/2 Outcomes in Patients Admitted for Rehabilitation with Spinal Cord Lesions Following Degenerative Spinal Stenosis
J Ronen, M Itzkovich, V Bluvshtein, A Catz
11/2 Traffic accident spinal cord injury, distribution and outcomes:
Croatian experience
Sasa Moslavac, Ivan Dzidic
12/2 The Comparison of the SF-36 Survey and Its One-Word Modified Version in Patients with Spinal Cord Injury
H Unalan, B Celik, A Sahin, N Caglar, S Esen, SS Karamehmetoglu
  Topic 4: Neurogenic Detrusor Overactivity
Chair: Ed McGuire, JJ Wyndaele
13/4 Clinical Usefulness of Urodynamic Assessment for Maintenance of Bladder Function and Prevention of Renal Damage in Patients with Spinal Cord Injury
J. Pannek, M. Nosseir, and A. Hinkel
14/4 Efficacy and Safety of Propiverine in Comparison to Oxybutynin in Children with Neurogenic Detrusor Overactivity (Ndo) – An Observational Cohort Study
H. Madersbacher1, G. Mürtz2, S. Alloussi3, M. Beuke4, M. Bürst5, B.Domurath6, T. Henne7, I. Körner8, A. Niedeggen9, J. Nounla10, J.Pannek11, M. Schuldt12, H. Schulte-Baukloh13, D. Schultz-Lampel14,
S. Siemer15, T. Stuckert16, B. Willer14, P. Bock17, J. Hanisch17
15/4 Reductions in neurogenic urinary incontinence after treatment with botulinum toxin A (BOTOX®): impact of patient demographics
B. Schurch, M. de Sèze, P. Denys, E. Chartier-Kastler, F. Haab, K.Everaert, P. Plante, B. Perrouin-Verbe
16/4 7 years Botulinum-A-Toxin on Detrusor Overactivity
M. Stöhrer, A. Wolff, G. Kramer, D. Leuth, R. Steiner, D. Löchner-Ernst
17/4   Efficacy and tolerability of propiverine compared to oxybutynin in neurogenic detrusor overactivity
Stöhrer Manfred1, Mürtz Gerd2, Schnabel Frieder2, Kramer Guus1,Kirch Wilhelm3 and the Investigator Group
18/4 Suppression of Neurogenic Detrusor Overactivity in Spinal Cord Injured Patients by Conditional Electrical Stimulation
J. Hansen, S. Media, M. Nøhr, F. Biering-Sørensen, T. Sinkjær and N.J.M. Rijkhoff
  Topic 8: Free Papers
Chair: Waghi El Masri, Sergio Aito
19/8 Minocycline Effect on Spinal Cord Injury in Rats
Hyun-Yoon Ko, Jae Hyeok Chang, Yong Beom Shin
20/8 The study of the proliferation of reactive astrocytes and the expression of Nestin in adult rats following spinal cord injury caused by compression
Xijing He, Pinglin Yang, Haopeng Li, Binshang Lan, Jianqiang Qu, Puwei Yuan, Guoyu Wang
21/8 The Role of the Thoracic Spinal Cord in Hemodynamic Regulation: A Proposed Model
A Catz,1,2 V Bluvshtein,1 I Pinhas,3 S Akselrod,3 I Gelernter,4 T Nissel,5 Y Vered,5 N Bornstein,2,5 AD Korczyn2,5
22/8 Impaired Ventilation and Cerebral Blood Flow Velocity in Patients with Spinal Cord Lesion
Bluvshtein V1., Pinhas I.3, Akselrod S3., Bornstein N2., Nussel T2., Korcin AD2., Catz A.1
23/8 Endoscopic anterior spinal decompression
Michael Potulski, Doris Maier, Jan Vastmans
24/8 Lipid profiles during rehabilitation of people with a spinal cord injury
S de Groot, AJ Dallmeijer, , OJ Kilkens, MWM Post, ELD Angenot, FWA Asbeck, AV Nene, LHV van der Woude
25/8 Normocapnic hyperpnea training in acute spinal cord injury
S. Van Houtte, Y.C. Vanlandewijck, C. Kiekens, R. Gosselink
26/8 Handbike – Outcome of a mobility equipment study 1995 - 2004
O. Mach, D. Maier, M. Potulski
27/8 The European FP5-project RISE - FES of denervated degenerated musculature: project structure and technological aspects
Mayr W, Hofer C, Rafolt D, Bijak M, Lanmueller H, Reichel M, Sauermann S, Unger E, Kern H
28/8 The Course of BMD and Biochemical Bone Markers in Early Postmenopausal Spinal Cord Injured Women
Berit Broholm, Jan Pødenphant, Fin Biering-Sørensen.
29/8 Pain and its impact in adults with pediatric-onset spinal cord injury
L C Vogel, C J Anderson, K M Willis; R R Betz, C M McDonald
30/8 Cannabis in medicine: new insight and therapeutic approaches
Susanne Luz1, Mark Mäder2
31/8 Medical decision making in SCI medicine demonstrated by patient preferences for reconstructive upper extremity surgery in tetraplegia.
Govert J. Snoek MD, Janine A. van Til MSc PT, Maarten J. IJzerman PT PhD
32/8 Measurement properties of the Van Lieshout Test for hand function of persons with tetraplegia
M.W.M. Post, G. van Lieshout, H.A.M. Seelen, G.J. Snoek, M. IJzerman, C. Pons
33/8 Photo Documentation for Scoring the Walking Index for Spinal Cord Injury (WISCI): Inter Rater Reliability Study
John F. Ditunno, Jr., M.D., Mary Patrick, R.N., Patricia Ditunno, Ph.D, Ralph Marino, M.D., Mary Schmidt, MS, PT
34/8 SCIM III Reliability And Validity: A Multi-Center International Study
Malka Itzkovich, O.T, M.A., Amiram Catz, M.D., Fin Biering-Sørensen, M.D.
35/8 Sacral Nerve Roots Stimulation for Ischial Pressure and Blood Perfusion changes in SCI
LQ Liu, SL Knight, GP Nicholson, R Chelvarajah , FRI Middleton, A Gall , M Ferguson-Pell , MD Craggs
36/8 Health Complications and Quality of Life With Tetraplegia and Long-Term Mechanical Ventilation (Ltmv): A Cross-Cultural Study
C Glass PhD2; S Warschausky,PhD1; M Forchheimer, MPP1; V Nelson, MD, MPH1; D Gater, MD1
37/8 Comparison of Coping Mechanisms and Emotional states of the Spinal Cord Injury Patients and the Caregivers based on their Physical Conditions
N.Paker, Y. Altuncu, S. Aydil, M. Erbil, D. Soy
38/8 Relations between coping strategies and health-related quality of life
ML Elfström, M Kreuter, A Rydén, C Taft, M Sullivan
  Topic 6: Acute Management
Chair: Rainer Abel, Peter Wing
39/6 Arriving in the theatre in the middle of the night: how safe is it?
A review of early complications of spinal surgery on emergency lists
Jariwala A, Borremans J, Kluger P
40/6 Audit on the use of a structured transfer guidelines for interhospital transfer of patients with spinal injuries
G Joseph, MV Jigajinni, D Philip, AN McLean, MH Fraser, DB Allan,RA Johnston
41/6 Endogenous risk factors of Deep Vein Thrombosis in spinal cord lesions
Aito S. , Abbate R., Ricci L., Marcucci R.
42/6 Prevention of pressure ulcers in Thai paraplegic persons: was the patient education programme effective?
Apichana Kovindha, Narin Wilekha
43/6 The Metabolic Syndrome in Patients with Spinal Cord Injury
Perkash I, Punj V, Haze M, Lee M V and Madan S
44/6 Zoledronate reduces early acute bone loss at the hip following spinal cord injury
JS Bubbear, A Gall, FRI Middleton, M Ferguson-Pell, RW Keen
  Topic 5: Urinary and Faecal Incontinence (I)
Chair: Maureen Coggrave, Inder Perkash
45/5 Bowel function in persons with long standing spinal cord injury
Savic G1, Charlifue S2, Glass C3, McColl MA4, Frankel HL1
46/5 Rectal compliance changes with afferent nerve stimulation in SCI
Chung E.A.L.; Balasubramaniam A.V.; Woodhouse J.B.; Emmanuel AV; Craggs MD.
47/5 Symptoms of Bowel Dysfunction in Spinal Cord Injured Patients
G. Bazzocchi, P.F. Almerigi, E. Poletti, I. Baroncini, P. Salucci, P. Pillastrini, M. Menarini
48/5 Sacral Anterior Root Stimulator Implants (SARSI): Their effect on patterns of bowel management in patients with spinal cord injury
L.Q. Liu, E.A.L. Chung; M. Coggrave; J. Bycroft; C. Norton; A.V. Emmanuel; M.D. Craggs
49/5 Community management of neurogenic bowel function after spinal cord injury in the UK
M. J. Coggrave, C. S. Norton, J. Wilson-Barnett
  Topic 5: Urinary and Faecal Incontinence (II)
Chair: Jürgen Pannek, Michael Craggs
50/5 Modulation of the pundendo-anal reflex with bladder and rectal filling
Balasubramaniam A.V., Chung E.A.L., Bywater H., Middleton F.R.I., Fowler C., Emmanuel A.V.,Craggs M.D.
51/5 More than a quarter of SCI subjects recover spontaneous micturition.
Ann-Katrin Karlsson, Lena Rutberg, Karin Pettersson, Olof Jonsson, Ingela Berrum-Svennung
52/5 Neuropathic Bladder Dysfunction in Patients with Complete and Sensory Incomplete Tetraplegia. Rapidi CA1, Galata A1, Dionyssiotis I1, Salacha M1, Barotsis N1, Micha M1, Tzavara Ch1, Papadaki P2 and Petropoulou K1
53/5 Tension Free Vaginal Tape (Tvt) Procedure in the Treatment of Intrinsic Sphincter Deficiency (Isd) in Spinal Cord Injuried (SCI) Patients
G. Del Popolo, A. Macchiarella, M. Celso, G. Lombardi
54/5 20 Years of Experience with Reconstruction of Bladder Neck Function in Neurogenic Bladder Dysfunction (NBD) by Use of an Artificial Urinary Sphincter (AUS).
J. Kutzenberger, B. Domurath, D. Sauerwein †
55/5 Quality of Life in German speaking Spinal Cord Injury Patients with Bladder Dysfunction – Assessment of the German Version of the Qualiveen® Questionnaire
J Pannek
  Topic 3: Exercise Physiology
Chair: Volker Dietz, Michael Potulski
56/3 Blood lactate disappearance in paraplegic and able-bodied subjects after exhaustive arm exercise
Leicht C, Perret C
57/3 Influence of short-term oral creatine supplementation on 800m wheelchair performance
Perret C, Mueller G, Knecht H
58/3 The individual relationship between heart rate and oxygen uptake in people with a tetraplegia
Valent L.J.M., Dallmeijer A.J., Slootman J., Janssen T.W.J., Houdijk J.H.P, Hollander A.P., Woude L.H.V. van der
59/3 Cinematic parameters in partial body weight-supported treadmill ambulation using F.E.S. M.Saccavini, E. Bizzarini, A. Milan.
60/3 Functional electrical stimulation (FES) of long-term denervated muscles in humans – European “RISE” project
H. Kern*, C. Hofer*, D. Maier**, M. Mödlin*, C. Forstner*, M. Vogelauer, U. Höllwarth, P. Drewniak, S. Löfler, Wolfgang Richter***, Ugo Carraro****
61/3 Changes in physical fitness in persons with a spinal cord injury during and after rehabilitation
JA Haisma, JBJ Bussmann, LHV van der Woude, MP Bergen, TAR Sluis, HJ Stam
62/3 Gross mechanical efficiency of hand rim wheelchair propulsion in relation to physical capacity and wheelchair skills of persons with spinal cord injury
S de Groot, AJ Dallmeijer, FWA van Asbeck, A Nene, ELD Angenot, MW Post, LHV van der Woude
  Topic 7: Sexuality and Fertility
Chair: Stefan Zettl, Jens Sonksen
63/7 Sexual dysfunction and sexual health care in Belgian and Dutch men and women with spinal cord injury
C Kiekens, P Enzlin, WFJ Brusselmans, MW Post, HJM van Kuppevelt, H Bongers, FWA van Asbeck.
64/7 Female Sexual Outcome After Sacral Neurostimulation Implant in Spinal Cord Lesioned (Scl) Patients
G. Lombardi, M. Celso, A. Macchiarella, G. Del Popolo
65/7 The Effect of Sacral Neurostimulation (SNS) on Male Sexual Function in Spinal Cord Lesioned (SCL) Patients
G. Lombardi, , A. Macchiarella, N.Mondaini, G.Panariello, G. Del Popolo
66/7 Physiologic Studies of Sexual Response in Men with SCIs
M L. Sipski; C J Alexander
67/7 Phosphodiesterase inhibitors in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in spinal cord injured men
Previnaire JG, Soler JM, Denys P, Chartier-Kastler E
68/7 The function of epididymis, prostate and seminal vesicles in men with spinal cord lesion (SCL) and decreased sperm motility rates
J Sønksen, S ELZanaty, J Malm, F Biering-Sørensen, A Giwercman
69/7 Community Needs of People with Spinal Cord Injury
Lude Peter, Kennedy Paul & Taylor Nicola
  Topic 1:
Infection and Isolation in SCI
1 Delayed presentation of hydrocephalus as an unusual complication of cervical spine injury – Report of two cases
G Joseph, MH Fraser, D Philip, MV Jigajini, AN McLean
2 Charcot Spine with Infection signs: a diagnosis challenge
S Salvador, A Montoto, M Piñeiro, I Garcia, ME Ferreiro, A Rodriguez
3 Staphyloccocical bacteraemia and source of infection in spinal cord injuried patients
S Salvador, M Piñeiro, ME Ferreiro, I García, A Montoto, A Rodríguez.
4 A paraparesis due to tuberculosis n a 14 year old boy, a case report of Pott disaese
IE Eriks, AM van Furth, PIJM Wuisman, JIML Verbeke, GThJ van Well, E Blankman
5 Trends of Bacteriuria in Spinal Cord-Injured Patients
JH Kim, SY Lee, IS Choi, SG Lee
6 Successful Revision of Intrathecal Baclofen Pump In a Young Tetraparetic Man – Infection of The Pump Tube
A. Salaha, E. Anastasiu, H. Kumbulis, A. Bader.
7 Frequency and type of urological complications, analysis of epidemiological and antibacterial therapy of urinary tract infections at SCI Department of NRC “Vaivari, in 2004
D.Namniece, Z.Kalnberza, A.Nulle
8 The management of paralysed patients with multiresistant pseudomonas aeruginosa
YB Kalke, J Baeuerle, K. Huch
9 Lower Lumbar Arthropathy – A Cause of Spasticity
A. Anthony
  Topic 2:
Prognostication of Physical Outcome
12 Patient monitoring during spinal cord injury rehabilitation
S de Groot, A Dallmeijer, O Kilkens, M Post, E Angenot, F van Asbeck, H Bongers, A Nene, D van Kuppevelt, H Slootman, D Mulder, T Sluis, M Bergen, A Niezen, H Rijken, F Woldring, K Postma, J Bloemen, L Valent, S van Langeveld, M Schuitemaker, L van der Woude
14 Factors related to employment status in traumatic spinal cord injury persons: a 4 year follow-up
M.C. Pagliacci, B. Di Clemente, A. Rampello, M. Agosti, M. Franceschini
JH Kim , SY Lee, IS Choi, SG Lee
16 Osteoporosis Study in Complete Spinal Cord Injured (SCI) Men. Comparison with Data of Healthy Men
18 Evaluation of Basal Status- A New Scoring System to Prognosticate SCI Patients
D.K.Sinha, Krishna Sinha
  Topic 3:
Exercise Physiology
20 Energy cost of walking and functional gait in incomplete spinal cord lesion (SCL): preliminary data
M.Franceschini, A.Rampello, M.Agosti, M.Saccavini, G.Crusafio
21 Conscious straining and therapeutic cognitive exercise to treatment spasticity in spinal cord injury
G. Fizzotti, S. Dossena, A. Rogers, G. Bertotti, C. Pistarini.
23 Methods for cardiopulmonary exercise testing to assess exercise capacity in spinal cord injury
S Coupaud, H Gollee, KJ Hunt, MH Fraser, DB Allan, AN McLean
  Topic 4:
Neurogenic Detrusor Overactivity
30 Modification of Urodynamic Parameters in Neurogenic Bladder of Spinal Cord Injured Patients Treated with Intrathecal Baclofen Infusion
P. Salucci, I. Baroncini, A. Costa, C. Mancusi, G. Bazzocchi, P. Pillastrini, M. Menarini
31 Delayed return of reflex activity in autonomic nervous system – remaining spinal shock in the bladder 3-4 month post injury
Ann-Katrin Karlsson, Karin Pettersson, Ingela Berrum-Svennung, Olof Jonsson
32 The frequency of bacteriuria and urinary tract infection in 249 spinal cord injured
Karin Pettersson1, Olof Jonsson1, Ingela Berrum-Svennung1, Peter Asplund2, Ann-Katrin Karlsson1
33 Bladder-filling sensation in patients with complete spinal cord injury
Ji Cheol Shin, Chang Il Park, Eun Joo Kim , Jee Hyun Yoo
34 Effect of Anticholinergic Treatment on Neurogenic Bladder Function in Spinal Cord Injured Patients
Gunduz B, Erhan B, Lakce E, Akyurek B, Elbasi N
35 The Long-Term Neurourological Management of Spinal Cord Injured Patients
Erhan B, Gunduz B, Baran S, Coskun E, Basar G
36 Botulinum-toxin-A management of compensated renal failure – detrusor hyperreflexia in a myelomeningocele (MMC) children
Hagen Loertzer , Sigrid Wagner, Paolo Fornara
  Topic 5:
Urinary and Faecal Incontinence
40 Urinary incontinance in the thoracolomber junction spinal cord injuries
Derya Soy, Nurdan Paker, Ayse Nur Bardak, Sedef Ersoy, Sebahat Aydil, Metin Erbil
41 Long Term Experience with Sacral Neurostimulation (SNS) in Incomplete Spinal Cord Lesioned (SCL) Patients
G. Del Popolo, G. Lombardi, A. Macchiarella, M. Celso
42 Relationship between Functional Ability and Colon Transit Time after Spinal Cord Injury
Min-Cheol Joo, Chung-Yong Yang, Hun-Soo Kim
43 Assessment of the anorectal troubles in chronic spinal cord injury
F. Beuret-Blanquart, M. Damphousse, P. Denis.
44 Use of the Incontinence Quality of Life Instrument to evaluate quality of life improvements in patients with neurogenic urinary incontinence treated with botulinum toxin A
P. Denys, B. Schurch, M. de Sèze, E. Chartier-Kastler, F. Haab, K. Everaert, P. Plante, B. Perrouin-Verbe
  Topic 6:
Acute Management
50 Ascending Myelopathy after Spinal Cord Injury
Dr L Papoulias,Dr DJ Short,Dr PNM Tyrrell,Mr A Osman
51 Prophylaxis, incidence and risk factors of DVT/PE after acute SCI... 87
C.A. Dijkstra; M.W.M. Post; F.W.A. van Asbeck
52 Experience of Spinal Stabilization by Instrumentation Due to Road Traffic Accident
Md.Shah Alam
53 Airway management in patients requiring surgery for an unstable cervical spine condition
Borremans J, Pahl C
54 The Management of Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury Within the First 72 hours - Audit Before and Following Distribution of Guidelines
EJ Wilkinson, A Gall and M Saif
56 Successful pharmacological treatment of heterotopic calcification
Peter Vaghfeldt , Lena Ruthberg, Ann-Katrin Karlsson
57 Respiratory Management Following Spinal Cord Injury: A Clinical Practice Guideline for Healthcare Professionals
K. C. Parsons, R. Buhrer, S. P. Burns, L. Butt, F. Jimenez, S. Kirshblum, D. McCrory, W. P. Peterson, L. R. Saporito, P. Tracy.
58 Cases of osteoporotic fractures in of SCI patients
A. Korols, A.Nulle
59 Acute care in the rehabilitation setting: An interdisciplinary approach to weaning tetraplegic patients from mechanical ventilation
K Marshall J Nunnerley A Anthony
60  A wheelchair seating system for SCI individuals with decubitus ulcers
S Agarwal, T Pobre, Lyn D Weiss, A Ezra, L Jacknow
61 Perforation of the cervical oesophagus following ventral fusion of the cervical spine – strategies of interdisciplinary treatment in consideration of the tetraplegic SCI-patient
M. Vogel, D. Maier, J. Vastmans, M. Siedhoff, M. Butz, A. Schmidt, M. Potulski, V. Bühren
63 Therapy of the lower spine injury with damage of spinal cord
Jan Vastmans, Tobias Pötzel, Doris Maier, Michael Potulski
  Topic 7:
Sexuality and Fertility
70 Serum Luteinizing Hormone, Testosterone, Free Testosterone Levels in Male Spinal Cord Injury Patients
B Celik, A Sahin, N Caglar, B Erhan, B Gunduz, M Karabulut
71 Causes of Erectile Dysfunction in a Patient with a Non-traumatic Spinal Cord Injury: A Case Report
Mark-Friedrich B Hurdle, Carl W Chan
72 Phases of sexual rehabilitation in male SCI patients
H Burgdoerfer, H Kock
73 Fertilisation by use of Seager´s equipment
Strasser, F.; Zech, J.; Jonas, H.P.

Topic 8:
Free Papers

80 Athletic identity and sports participation in people with a spinal cord injury
Tomasz Tasiemski, Paul Kennedy, Brian P. Gardner, Rachel A. Blaikley
81 Rehabilitation of patients with tuberculous spondylitis and spinal cord injury in Croatia
S Moslavac, R Cop, I Dzidic
82 Restoration of the level of everyday physical activity after a spinal cord injury; preliminary results
HJG van den Berg-Emons, JBJ Bussmann, TAR Sluis, MP Bergen, LHV van der Woude, HJ Stam
84 Clinical and rehabilitation review:Cord Compression Secondary to Recurrent Chondrosarcoma of the Cervical Spine in a 27 year old woman
Nasir N. H., Nasir H., Jaafar B., Ibrahim A.
85 Time depended VS volume depended intermittent catheterisation among spinal cord lesion and neuropathuc patients-clinical and economic consequences
T.Polliack,V.Bluvshtein,O.Philo,J.Ronen,I.Gelernter,Z.Luttwak,J.Hart, A.Catz
86 Long Term Evaluation of Intrathecal Baclofen (ITB) Therapy for Spasticity
A.V. Nene, E.J.B.L. Kottink, H.P.J. Buschman, H.E. van der Aa, G.J. Snoek
87 Comparison of the nutritional behaviour of acute and long-term spinal cord injured subjects
Stoffel-Kurt N, Perret C
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