ISCoS currently has 19 Affiliated Societies and Networks (ASN). The ASN cover all geographical regions of the world and in partnership with ISCoS play an important and significant role in supporting the strengthening/establishment of comprehensive SCI services and in human resources in their respective countries and regions of the world.

The recent ISCoS Strategic planning process highlighted the need to build a global SCI community for sharing international expertise and resources. The process identified specific priorities in relation to strengthening the partnership between ISCoS and ASN:

  • The need to consolidate further and promote a closer working relationship between ISCoS and ASN.
  • Facilitating communication and collaboration between ISCoS and ASN.
  • Utilising established ASN communication channels, such as websites, newsletters, social media, and so on, to support an ISCoS-SCI communication and awareness strategy.
  • Ensuring broader representation of ASN at ISCoS Annual Scientific Meetings; hosting ISCoS ASM periodically in low-middle income countries and provisioning for a separate session for Societies members during the ASM
  • Promoting dual membership between ISCoS and members of Affiliated societies and Networks.
  • Supporting mentorship, education, training, train-the-trainer programmes and professional exchange programmes in partnership/collaboration with ASN.
  • Offering ISCoS Journals as “official journals of the Societies” under standardized terms and conditions. Provide subscription of ISCoS Journals to members of ASN.
  • Encouraging ASN to liaise with other medical societies to conduct sessions on SCI management during their conferences/meetings.


The ASN Sub-Committee have established a small working group that will be responsible for leading the process to consolidate further and promote a closer working relationship between ISCoS and ASN. As part of this process a Survey has been designed and circulated to ASN. The findings of the survey will be written up and a Workshop/Brainstorming session is currently being organised to present/discuss the survey results and to agree plans going forward aimed at strengthening collaboration and joint ways of working.


Dr Francois Theron

Chair, ASN Sub-Committee

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