7-10 March

The First MENASCI Meeting and Workshop & The 8th Annual Conference on Rehabilitation and Disability of Fez
Morocco, Africa 
 Contact person Dr. Rami Al Ahmar, Jordan dr.alahmar@hotmail.com
WhatsApp +962788612222

 21-22 March
The European Spinal Psychologists Association (ESPA)  8th Conference “Psychological approaches to managing co-morbidity, incomplete injury and higher age at injury” 
Balgrist University Hospital, Zurich, Switzerland

26-27 March:

The European Neuro Convention at the NEC Birmingham  

Europe’s largest trade event of its kind will attract more than 3,500 of the world’s top neuro professionals to Birmingham for a world-class two-day show. Playing host to expert speakers, CPD-accredited seminars, interactive workshops and a selection of the most innovative neurological solutions available, this is the most important two days of the year for the global neurology profession. 

The event provides a unique platform for clinical experts, senior decision makers and budget holders from the UK’s leading hospitals, rehabilitation centres, private practices and clinical commissioning groups. They will all get to discover the latest innovations currently revolutionising the industry and hear expert guidance through inspiring CPD accredited seminars.

2-5 April

ASIA 2019 Meeting

4-7 April


5.7 April

The Spine Society of Australia is proud to promote the exchange of scientific knowledge and strengthen friendships amongst those who work in the complex and challenging field of spinal disorders. Under the guidance of the Society’s Scientific Secretary, Professor Brian Freeman, we look forward to an outstanding scientific program. 

 7-10 April

 The Scientific Program Committee has curated a stellar cast of not-to-be-missed national and international speakers including: Professor Beth Darnall (Department of Anesthesiology, Stanford University: prevention of post surgical pain, targeted psychological strategies, opiod reduction); Dr Nanna Finnerup (Department of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University, Denmark: pathophysiology and therapy of neuropathic pain); and Professor Tor Wager (Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience laboratory, University of Colorado: neurophysiology of pain and emotion, affective learning, and brain-body communication).  

Contact: APS 2019 Conference Secretariat, DC Conferences, via telephone +61 2 9954 4400 or via email aps2019@dcconferences.com.au

8-9 April

Radiology and Oncology Meeting 2019

The Theme of the Radiology and Oncology -2019 is “Practice, Research & Leadership: Weaving it all together "which covers the wide range of critically important sessions in the field of OncologyRadiologyCancer, and Imaging. This multidisciplinary multi-specialty oncology course will cover all aspects of cancer imaging and intervention. The objective of this meeting is to share the foremost updated knowledge on the radiology and the novel therapeutic options in Cancer treatment. Our prospective audience includes radiologists, oncologists, researcher, professors, medical students, physicians, medical physicists, clinical scientists, technologists, and other healthcare professionals. 

25-26 April

 5th International Conference on Spine and Spinal Disorders- Spine Conference 2019
 Rome, Italy.


 2-3 May

 20 May

Spine Pain and Spinal Pain Treatments
Venue:                                 Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital
Target Audience:      Consultants in Radiology and Orthopaedics/Spinal Surgery, Physicians in Pain Medicine, Anaesthetists, Anaesthetic, Orthopaedic and Radiology Registrars, Allied Health Professionals
Convenor:                         Dr Bernhard Tins, Consultant Radiologist
Content:                              Objective to review the causes of spinal pain and the treatments of spinal pain.  It will also focus on possible complications of these treatments.  There will be particular emphasis on audience participation and discussion.  Topics include: spine pain (a neurologist’s view), spine pain (a surgeon’s view), spine interventions (a physiotherapist’s view), image guided spinal intervention: what can go wrong, (a spinal injuries consultant view), facet joint treatment, vertebroplasty

Registration fee:              £100

To book:                              https://www.orthopaedic-institute.org/monday-20th-may-2019-spine-pain-and-spinal-pain-treatments.html

 22-24 May:

Venue: MECC Maastricht Forum 100 6229 GV Maastricht the Netherlands website: www.neurorehabrepair.eu  

22-24 May

The CSRS Europe is one of the leading specialised spine societies. We are expecting around 300 surgeons and scientists from the field of cervical spine surgery, with a focus on the key topic Traumatology of the cervical spine.

22-25 May

 Koblenz / Germany

27–29 May 

Gothenburg, Sweden www.escifcongress.org
Call for Abstracts: www.ryggmargsskadecentrum.se/escif-2019-call-for-abstracts

 June 9-13
 13th World Congress of the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (ISPRM)

The ISPRM Annual Congress is an international event that promotes awareness about physical disabilities, PRM research and best practices. It works as a hub for medicine professionals and students to meet and exchange knowledge. The scientific program will include interactive workshops, stimulating debates and more. This year's congress will be held in Kobe, Japan.  Join us at the 13th World Congress of the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (ISPRM) that promises an exciting programme in a dynamic environment!

 13-14 June:

Neurologists Congress 2019 invites all the participants and attendees from all over the world to attend 28th Euro-Global Neurologists Meeting during June 13 - 14, 2019 to be held at Barcelona, Spain with the Theme: Action potential & synapses - Current challenges and innovations in the field of Neuroscience, which includes prompt Keynote Presentations, Oral talks, Poster Presentations, Workshop, Symposium and Exhibitions. Avail group registration..!  

24-28 June

10-13 September

 30-31 May -and 1 June

ISNEREM Meeting 2019 in Fribourg, Switzerland

16-18 October

 17-19 October


4-7 November

 2019 Meeting Banner

“The 58th International Spinal Cord Society Annual Scientific Meeting, ISCoS 2019, will take place in Nice, France from 5-7 November 2019. 

ISCoS promotes the highest standard of care in the practice of spinal cord injury for men, women and children throughout the world. Through its medical and multi-disciplinary team of professionals, ISCoS endeavours to foster education, research and clinical excellence. 

ISCoS 2019 will attract around 1,200 Spinal Cord Injury specialists, mostly SCI doctors, however in recent years the annual meeting has become more interdisciplinary and brings together a varied group including nurses, neurologists, neurosurgeons, traumotologists, physical therapists, social workers, occupational therapists orthopaedic surgeons, psychologists, sports therapists and urologists. The educational programme will encourage these delegates to share knowledge and experience as they research the new innovations within their fields. 



22-25 April

Nottwil /Switzerland


 2-5 June

Greifswald / Germany







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