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Dear ISCoS Members, Affiliated Societies and Partner Organisations,

 As you are aware, COVID-19 is a new strain of coronavirus that is having a large impact on all of us and placing more vulnerable groups living in the community at even higher risk, including the people with spinal cord injury who we provide care and support for. As the pandemic evolves, ISCoS and its External Relations Committee has been endeavouring to help you navigate this ever-changing situation by making the most reliable spinal cord injury-related information on COVID-19 available on this page.

We will keep it updated, so ISCoS can be your first step as you search for information for yourself and to share with your patients. Please scroll down to view links to important content. These resources will be updated as new information becomes available.  

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Please note: This document should not replace other information available from State or National Governments but aims to provide some information specifically relevant to people with Spinal Cord Injury. We encourage you to seek further general information about COVID-19 from key central websites, such as following:






Recommendations for persons with SCI regarding COVID-19 from around the world

ENG_COVID-19 Guidance for People with SCI (Canada)

ENG_Recommendations for disability-inclusive COVID19 response (IDA)

ENG_Wheelchair COVID-19 Precautions (USA)

ENG-Hand Hygiene (Ca)_template

ENG-Hand Hygiene Infographic (Ca)

FR-Hand Hygiene (Ca)_template

FR-Hand Hygiene Infographic (Ca)

ENG_Basic guidance on management of SCI patients during COVID_19 Pandemic_UK

ENG_COVID-19 and High Risk Therapies_High Flow Oxygen_Australia

ENG_COVID-19 and High Risk Therapies_Nebulisers_Australia

ENG_COVID-19 and High Risk Therapies_NIV_Australia

ENG_COVID-19_Which samples should be taken_UK

ENG_Laboratory testing for COVID-19_China

ENG_SCI and COVID-19 Respiratory Rehabilitation Protocol_Spain

GREEK_Hand Hygiene for SCI_Canada (translation)

JPN_COVID-19 Guidance for People Living with Spinal Cord Injury (Japanese)


Factsheets related to COVID-19 and SCI from around the world

ENG_COVID-19 for SCI and MS Factsheet (USA)

ENG_COVID-19 in SCI Factsheet (NSW, Australia)

ENG_COVID-19 in SCI Factsheet (QLD, Australia)

ENG_COVID-19_Factsheet_Self-isolation Guide for Caregivers (Canada)

ENG_SCI and COVID-19 information (Germany)

ENG-COVID-19 in SCI_Factsheet (NSW, Aust)_template


Guidance from the World Health Organization

ENG_WHO Managing Epidemics

ENG_WHO_COVID-19 Mental health considerations


Health System Preparedness and Response

ENG_Bartolo_Urgent measures for COVID-19 epidemic_Italy

ENG_Boldrini_EJPRM 2020_Impact of COVID on Rehab_Italy


ENG_Kiekens_EJPRM 2020_Acute and early post acute phase and COVID-19_Italy

ENG_Koh & Hoenig_How Should the Rehabilitation Community Prepare for 2019-nCoV

ENG_OConnell_SCSC 2020_COVID-19 Now more than ever our community is needed

ENG_Zhong_EJPRM 2020_COVID-19 and Rehab in Shangai_China


COVID-19 Country Experience

ENG_COVID-19 outbreak and rehabilitation services_Italy

ENG_Report of the WHO-China Joint Mission_China


Other useful resource links related to COVID-19 for persons with SCI


Links to access information for SCI and COVID-19 Organisations


If the document link does not work, copy and paste the below link in your browser.

Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation (USA)

The coronavirus and spinal cord injury


Paralyzed Veterans of America

COVID-19: Novel Coronavirus


ParaQuad South Australia

Coronavirus advice for our clients


Shepherd Centre (USA)

Q&A: Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Spinal Cord Injury Australia

COVID-19 Information and Updates


Spinal Cord Injury Canada

COVID-19 Guidance for the Spinal Cord Injury Community


Spinal Injury Association (UK)

Coronavirus and spinal cord injury


US Department of Veteran Affairs (USA)

Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)



UNICEF (Video on Health and Wellbeing)

Executive Director Henrietta H. Fore’s video on Mental Health and Wellbeing during COVID-19 crisis


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