November 23rd, 2018

A Message from the President
I  want to begin this message with a special thanks to all those involved with the organization of the 2018 ISCoS Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) which took place in Sydney. You have raised the bar and set high standards for the organizers of next ASM which will take place in Nice France...Now with regards to the current state of our organization, there is a consensus on the need for a strong focus and priority to review the By-laws of ISCoS...There is agreement on the need for a Strategic Plan for ISCoS...There is a need for strengthening the platform for discussions between Nurses, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists as well as Psychosocial and other health professionals as well as a need for a strong effort to have a closer association between ISCoS and its affiliated societies...Please read my full message here where I outline further these issues that ISCoS faces as an organization and learn about how we can move the organization forward together and improve the standards of care for persons with SCI and their empowerment through better inclusion in the society. H S Chhabra

Your leadership and participation in ISCoS is sought
Do you have the desire, time, and motivation to be an ISCoS Committee Chair? The Prevention Committee is looking for a new Chair.  More details...

Are you well versed in Social Media and have the time to spread the word about ISCoS activities and other things of interest to the SCI community? ISCoS is looking for an organization Social Media Editor. More details...

All organizations need clear rules of operation to run sucessfully. Do you have an interest in helping  ISCoS reevaluate and further develop its Byelaws and Constitution? More details...

News from Spinal Cord
Thanks to all our reviewers. See our full list for 2017 here.  If you would like to review for Spinal Cord and think that you have the appropriate expertise – then please let us know by sending an email to along with a brief CV and the types of papers you could review.

Make our organization stronger
Sponsor another SCI professional to become a member of ISCoS today.

Make our Newsletter better
Send any information to Tom at or Marianne at that you think might be of interest to the general ISCoS membership. We are especially interested in spreading the word about committee and affiliate activities. Access archived Newsletters here.

The ISCoS Quality of Life Task Force is growing!
At the 2018 Sydney meeting, 42 individuals attended the Quality of Life (QoL) Taskforce meeting.  Three presentations were made on various QoL studies and opportunities for research.  Dr. Anke Scheel-Sailer presented an overview of QoL in the context of the SwisSCI studies.  Dr. Denise Tate presented information on “Validation of the SCI-QoL Basic Data Set:  Cross Cultural Comparisons and Clinical Outcomes” and Dr. Maria Aberk Hakansson gave a Wellspect presentation on sponsored research with a QoL focus.  The QoL Taskforce first met several years ago with a small number of participants, but the interest in QoL is growing and we encourage ISCoS members to join us in 2019 in Nice.  Details regarding time and place of the meeting will be available on the ISCoS 2019 meeting website in the late summer/early autumn of 2019.

Issues from around the world
See what is being done in Ontario Canada to equip primary care providers to manage manage the issues that individuals with SCI face due to their unique and somewhat complex concerns here.

 Events Calendar
See what is coming up on the ISCoS Events Calendar.

Are you getting excited about the 2019 Annual Scientific Meeting?
Start thinking about what you want to present to the world there.



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