The Committee is composed of:

‘Born’ Members:

  • ISCoS President
  • ISCoS Honorary Secretary 
  • Editor of Spinal Cord 
  • Chair of the Education Committee 
  • Chair of the Prevention Committee
  • 2 Representatives for the two coming meetings (one from each meeting) 
  • 2 Representatives from the two past meetings (one from each meeting)

Every year there will automatically be an exchange of members for those who change office or in/outgoing meeting representatives.

8 Appointed Members:

  • Chair (max. 2 terms of 3 years) appointed by ISCoS President
  • The other members appointed by the Chair: 
  • A Vice-Chair is to be appointed during the later years of the Chair’s final term. 
  • There will be a change of one seat every year.

Requirements for Future Appointed Members on the Scientific Committee:

  1. They must be a member of ISCoS
  2. Potential members shall present a CV to the Chair of the Scientific Committee for consideration. This should, apart from published articles, include evidence of clinical/programmatic involvement or involvement in other activities (such as teaching, capacity building, etc.). 
  3. New members are expected to have documentation of being scientifically active within the field of Spinal Cord Injuries. 
  4. Members are expected to attend the Annual Scientific Meetings every year, unless excused by the Chair. 
  5. Members are expected to review abstracts in their field of interest or expertise submitted to the Annual Meetings within the time frame given and according to the Meeting Guidelines. 
  6. Members are expected to be part of the process of continually improving the work of the Scientific Committee by suggestions for improvements whenever required or found possible.

Selection Procedure:

If there are more candidates than seats available on the Scientific Committee, the Chair will circulate the names of the candidates with their CV’s to the Committee Members for them to vote. The Chair will then appoint the person(s) with the highest vote(s) for the available positions.

May 2012

Where to find us

National Spinal Injuries Centre,
Stoke Mandeville Hospital,
Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire,
HP21 8AL, United Kingdom

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Tel: +44 1296 315 866


Contact ISCoS Headquarters for Application forms, copies of the Constitution and Bye-Laws of the Society, queries on the journal delivery and information on Scientific Meetings.

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