A Message from the President

Dear ISCoS Family,

As we  count down the days to our 60th anniversary conference which is again totally virtual but this time on North American West Coast summertime (last year was on UK summertime), I’m starting to get quite excited and I hope you are too.

The programme is great and the conference portal has new features which I am sure you will enjoy. For example, if you want to talk with a couple of other registrants about a new research option, you can find yourself a spot by the pool (!) or in one of several lounge spaces or around a card table with a drink of your choosing.

I do hope you have already registered but, if you have not,  please do – the programme is amazing and, as we have all learned in the past 18 months, we can do a huge amount virtually even if it is not our preferred way to see our friends and colleagues.

 As well as a way of giving you an insight into some of our keynote speakers and other activities, we have relaunched our very successful foray into the world of podcasts: SCI Care: What really matters. As the President of ISCoS, I am the Host of several of these and having lots of fun working out questions to ask the speakers I am interviewing. The first podcast was an interview with a PhD student, Sam Brady, talking about his research into the history of sports wheelchairs – timely given the approaching Paralympics. If you have not had a listen, do remember to subscribe with your podcast provider – it will be there when you look. (I know, because I checked).  My diary is being filled with bookings for interviews but, if there is someone you really want hear or have questions, please contact the ISCoS office – admin@iscos.org.uk

 I look forward to ‘seeing’ you during our 60th birthday ASM and celebrations so please register for the conference and enjoy our podcasts too.



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