Complementary Medicine Special Interest Group (SIG)

Due to expressed interest in the  complementary medicine workshop at the 2020 ISCoS Annual Scientific Meeting, it has been proposed that a Complementary Medicine Special Interest Group (SIG) be created under the auspices of ISCoS.

Complementary medicine is a constantly evolving term to describe healthcare approaches typically seen as outside of conventional medical care or traditional Western practices. Historically, these types of approaches have been labeled “non-mainstream” or “alternative” medicine or any “practices and ideas, which are outside the domain of conventional medicine… preventing or treating illness, or promoting health and well-being.” There is an increasing trend toward use of complementary medicine, however there is very little scientific evidence for the efficacy of most complementary medicine approaches and even less evidence for the safety of many approaches.

 The purpose of the proposed Complementary Medicine SIG could be to:

  • Bring together people interested in the topic of complementary medicine used for SCI
  • Exchange knowledge of complementary medicine approaches used in spinal cord injury (SCI)
  • Promote a clear definition and measurement of complementary medicine related to SCI
  • Discuss comparative and cross cultural perspectives in definition and use of complementary medicine
  • Encourage collaboration activities among members
  • Discuss options for SCI related trials of complementary medicine

 Tentative Plan of Action for the 2021 Annual Scientific Meeting:

  • Organize a session to discuss options for SIG and gather input from those who express interest in the SIG, dependent on format of conference, in the hopes of establishing a formal SIG for the 2022 Meeting

 If you have an interest in joining and participating in a Complementary Medicine SIG, please click the link below to provide your contact information.  We will be compiling a list of interested persons and will reach out with more information at a later time.


Janneke Stolwijk-Swuste, MD

Marcel Post, PhD

Jenn Coker, PhD



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