Introducing the COVID-19 and SCI Database (Cov-SCID)

A novel COVID-19 and SCI Database (Cov-SCID) is being implemented by ISCoS through its External Relations Committee (ERC) partnering with the University of Sydney, Australia. The project is driven by an international Steering Committee of experts, co-chaired by Prof James Middleton, The University of Sydney, Australia and Dr Carlotte Kiekens, Montecatone Rehabilitation Institute, Italy. The overall aim of the project is to gain an in-depth understanding of the characteristics, clinical presentation, disease course (frequency and duration of symptoms) and outcomes of COVID-19 in the SCI population, as well as to understand the impact of the pandemic on the lives of people with SCI, as a most vulnerable group. The database will be built on two observational surveys (clinician-reported and patient-reported) that will be implemented in countries using a standardised methodology. Anticipated benefits of the project include development of clinical practice guidelines, strategies for prevention and resources for improving health systems preparedness and responses to this Pandemic (and future ones) for wide dissemination to assist our patients, colleagues, and SCI community as a whole.


The ERC invites new sites and their representatives to express their interest in participating in this international collaborative project and implementing the surveys in their countries and organisations. For further details and to submit an expression of interest, please contact Dr Mohit Arora, The University of Sydney, Australia (

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