Message from the President

Dear Colleagues,

These are difficult times due to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, which has had an enormous impact globally on human health and survival, as well as on the world economy. We can only pray and hope that the situation resolves soon. As a Society of responsible health professionals, it is also our moral responsibility to try to dampen the impact of the pandemic in whichever manner possible, not only on our constituency, persons with SCI, but also the community in general.

ISCoS has created through the External Relations Committee a COVID-19 Task Force. The objective is to bring together Affiliated Societies and Networks, along with other key partner organisations and representatives to facilitate networking, discussion and sharing of knowledge, clinical experiences, strategies, guidelines as well as resources. It is expected that the wide dissemination of resources will help improve health system preparedness, response to this evolving pandemic, and ultimately the quality of care for the vulnerable group of persons with SCI. A COVID-19 webpage has also been created on the ISCoS website where SCI specific resources are uploaded. If you have any other suggestions on what ISCoS can do during the current pandemic kindly let me know.

I am sure that all of us would be contributing to the needs of the community, whether through contribution of funds or creating awareness related to prevention and management of COVID-19. As professionals who understand the potential of this pandemic, we should fully support the measures being taken by our respective Governments and authorities. Some of us may be on the frontline dealing with COVID-19 patients and we especially pray for their safety and good health.

As you would be aware, the pandemic has forced us to cancel the physical face to face meeting at Yokohama. We are exploring having a Virtual Conference on the same dates. Our evaluation so far reveals that this should be possible. Since this would be our first endeavour using this technology, we may need to have a scaled down but enriching meeting. We intend to have some ‘mock’ trials with the platform that we intend to use before coming to a final decision. We hope to get back to you soon in this regard.

Meanwhile the ISCoS Strategic Management Committee has continued to work on the Strategic Plan. The ISCoS Vision and Mission statements as well as Objectives and Goals have been finalized. We still need to work on Strategic objectives/priorities, initiatives, accountability, funding sources and monitoring. We have now commenced work on ISCoS strategic objectives/priorities which we will be taking up one by one along with the respective initiatives and accountability. We will keep you briefed about the progress.

In these trying times we need to stay in closer touch and brainstorm not only on how we can contribute to the resolution of the crisis but also how we can learn to flourish from these events and build a more positive and inclusive future.


Let’s rise up to the challenge posed by SARS-CoV-2 pandemic,

Let’s accelerate the movement to serve our constituency which is especially vulnerable,

Let’s take all precautions to stay safe and healthy,


With regards

Harvinder Chhabra

President, ISCoS

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