Spinal Cord is pleased to announce the following winners of the best papers in 2019

The “people’s choice” is determined by the number of downloads, and the “best paper” is determined by the Editor-in-Chief and Associate Editors of the Journal Spinal Cord.

People’s choice – review paper- Seif, Maryam; Gandini Wheeler-Kingshott, Claudia AM; Cohen-Adad, Julien; Flanders, Adam E; Freund, Patrick. 2019 Guidelines for the conduct of clinical trials in spinal cord injury: Neuroimaging biomarkers. Spinal Cord 57 , 717–728

People's choice - research paper- McDaid, David; Park, A-La; Gall, Angela; Purcell, Mariel; Bacon, Mark. 2019 Understanding and modelling the economic impact of spinal cord injuries in the United Kingdom. Spinal Cord 57 , 778–788

Best review paper- Kwon, Brian K.; Bloom, Ona; Wanner, Ina-Beate; Curt, Armin; Schwab, Jan M.; Fawcett, James; Wang, Kevin K. 2019 Neurochemical biomarkers in spinal cord injury. Spinal Cord 57 , 819–831

Best research paper-  Butler Forslund, Emelie; Jørgensen, Vivien; Skavberg Roaldsen, Kirsti; Hultling, Claes; Wahman, Kerstin; Franzén, Erika. 2019 Predictors of falls in persons with spinal cord injury—a prospective study using the Downton fall risk index and a single question of previous falls. Spinal Cord 57 , 91–99

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