Prevention Committee

Prevention Chair:

Dr Previniarea JG


Dr Prévinaire JG

Centre Calvé
Fondation Hopale
62600 Berck-sur-Mer

Phone: +33-321-893-187
Fax: +33-321-893-140
Website :




Previnaire, Dr J G (Chair) France

Ex-Officio Members

Biering-Sorensen, Prof F Denmark
Brown, A/Prof D J Australia
Gardner, Mr B UK
Haak, Dr Michael USA
Jamous, Dr A UK
Katoh, Dr S (Hon Sec) Japan
Steeves, Prof J Canada
van Koppenhagen, Dr Casper Netherlands
Wyndaele, Prof J J Belgium
Yazicioglu , Dr Kamil Turkey

Solicited Members

Baalbergen Dr E South Africa
Fitzharris, Dr M South Africa
Hoque, Dr Fazlul  Bangladesh
Ivers, Prof Rebecca  Australia
Lee, Dr Bon San Australia
Murray, Dr Herndon USA
Raghav, Mr Shivjeet Singh  India

Elected Members

Bazzocchi, Dr G Italy
Chen, Dr Yuying USA
Dionyssiotis, Mr Yannis Greece
Horsewell, Ms Jane Switzerland
Krassioukov, Prof Andrei Canada
Muldoon, Mr Stephen Ireland
New, Dr Peter Australia
Pagliacci, Dr Maria Cristina Italy
Singhal, Dr Raj New Zealand
Vogel, Dr L USA
Weerts, Mr E Belgium



 Advisory Members


Aito, Dr Sergio

Campbell, Dr Robert South Africa
El-Masry, Mr Wagih  UK
Garcia Reneses, Dr Juan Spain
Middleton, Dr James Australia
Ohry, Prof Avi Israel
Wang, Dr Dajue  UK
Wing, Dr Peter Canada
Where to find us

National Spinal Injuries Centre,
Stoke Mandeville Hospital,
Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire,
HP21 8AL, United Kingdom

How to contact us

Tel: +44 1296 315 866


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