Society Medal Holders

         Sir Ludwig GUTTMANN (UK) (Deceased)
         Dr Ernest BORS (USA) (Deceased)

1978: Dr L MICHAELIS (UK) (Deceased)
         Sir George BEDBROOK (Australia) (Deceased)

1979: Dr Marc MAURY (France)(Deceased)

1980: Dr J S YOUNG (USA) (Deceased)

1981: Dr A G HARDY (UK) (Deceased)

1982: Prof Fred MEINECKE (Germany)(Deceased)

1983: Prof Hans FRANKEL (UK)

1984: Dr Y NAKAMURA (Japan) (Deceased)

1985: Dr M WEISS (Poland) (Posthumously)
         Mr Phillip HARRIS (UK) (Deceased)

1986: Dr H HAHN (USA) (Deceased)

1987: Professor Alain ROSSIER (Switzerland) (Deceased)

1988: Dr Al JOUSSE (Canada) (Deceased)

1989: Mr J COSBIE ROSS (UK) (Deceased)

1990: Dr Paul DOLLFUS (France)(Deceased)

1991: Dr Ed CARTER (USA)(Deceased)

1992: Dr A KEY (South Africa) (Deceased)

1993: Air Marshal (Rtd) Amar CHAHAL (India)(Deceased)

1994: Mr Isaac NUSEIBEH (UK) (Deceased)

1995: Dr Avrom E COMARR (USA) (Deceased)

1996: Dr Guido ZÄCH (Switzerland)

1997: Prof Helmut MADERSBACHER (Austria)

1998: Prof Takaaki IKATA (Japan)

1999: Dr William GEISLER (Canada)

2000: Prof John YEO (Australia)

2001: Prof J J WYNDAELE (Belgium)

2002: Mr W EL MASRI (UK)

2003: Prof Giles BRINDLEY (UK)

2004: Prof William DONOVAN (USA)

2005: Dr Ray SHROSBREE (South Africa)

2006: Dr Lee ILLIS (UK)

2007: Dr Fin BIERING-SORENSEN (Denmark)

2008: Dr J DITUNNO (USA)

2009: A/Prof D J BROWN (Australia)
                Dr P MEYER (USA)

2010: A/Prof A KOVINDHA (Thailand)
                Dr I PERKASH (USA) 

2011: Marianne BINT (UK)
              Dr E IWATSUBO (Japan)

2012: Dr S AITO (Italy)

2013: Dr H S Chhabra (India)

2014:  Prof M Stoehrer (Germany)

2015:  Prof B Perrouin-Verbe (France)

2016: Dr S Charlifue (USA)

2017: Dr SKatoh (Japan)

2018: Dr P Wing (Canada)

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