Editorial Board Spinal Cord 2018


Prof Lisa Harvey (Australia)


 Dr Sonja de Groot (Netherlands)

Dr  Marcel Dijkers ( USA)

 Professor MW Post (Netherlands)

Professor M Nakamura (Japan)


Dr R Abel (Germany)

Prof F Biering-Sørensen (Denmark)

Dr MWG Brinkhof (Switzerland)

Dr SW Charlifue (USA)

Prof A Curt (Switzerland)

Prof S Dunlop (Australia)

Associate Professor Julia Patrick Engkasan (Malaysia)

Professor M Fehlings (Canada) 

Dr E Hagen (Norway)

Dr Inge Eriks Hoogland ( Switzerland)

Dr Emil Kostovski (Norway)

Dr N Liu (China)

Dr Euan McCaughey ( Australia)

Prof MJ Mulcahey (USA)

Dr Tom Nightingale (Canada)

Adjunct Assistant Professor Edward Nieshoff (USA)

Dr JG Prévinaire (France)

Prof Jan Reinhardt (Switzerland)

Dr R Rupp (Germany)

Dr G Scivoletto (Italy)

Prof Hyung-Ik Shin  (Korea)

Prof J Steeves (Canada)






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