• To promote primary and secondary prevention of traumatic SCI throughout the world.
  • To liaise with the Education and Scientific Committees of ISCoS in areas of overlapping interest.
  • To establish and promote global networks for transfer of effective injury prevention information and technology.


  • To actively seek information about prevention programs and their effectiveness in different regions,
  • To develop a world SCI data map of incidence, prevalence, causes and costs of SCI,
  • To promote the standard use of classification of external cause of injury,
  • To promote awareness of costs and benefits of SCI (and injury) prevention,
  • To communicate frequently in all possible forums an injury prevention message,
  • To promote cooperative relationships with local governments, NGOs, and community groups for development, implementation and follow-up of prevention programs,
  • To promote prevention programs where there are no programs or ineffective ones, particularly in areas where there is a high incidence of traumatic SCI,
  • To recruit members to the Prevention Committee of ISCoS so that there is global representation on the Committee,
  • To structure the Prevention Committee to reflect the need for succession planning.

Operational Plan:

  • Promote SCI prevention by development and use of print and electronic media and other available means.
  • Promote a prevention component for national and international meetings and to give consideration to holding a separate meeting devoted solely to injury prevention.
  • Work actively with governments, non-government and community organisations to collect data on causes of SCI.
  • Work actively with governments, non-government and community organisations to list and perhaps establish prevention programs, which can be evaluated for effectiveness.
  • Solicit members for the committee from the general membership by email and other methods.
  • Assign specific goals and tasks to committee members and/or ad hoc committees.
  • To convene the committee biannually using electronic means to review progress and set goals
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